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​         Cultura Chupisti-K
Social game well known along America, its contents are mostly general and cultural knowledge. You only need a group of friends to enjoy this fun game, which has already reached



            Bomba DrinK

Turn your smartphone into a bomb!Bomba Drink is a social videogame fuelled with adrenalin, to enjoy with friends or family, in which you will test your knowledge and quick thinking.Enjoy much more your party and meetings with friends and family.

         LiKe The First Date


Like the First Date it’s a game for couples with which they‘ll have fun and know each other even more. The best part is that the loser must grant a wish to his partner. You think you know everything about your partner? Let’s see!


Have you ever played charades and spent a lot of time writing little papers and thinking on which words to put on them? This will happen no more, it has everything you need to have fun, also there are lot’s of surprises you can’t miss.Download this awesome game and you’ll not regret it!

            Bomba Extreme

Bomba Extreme it’s a social game fuelled with adrenalin, to enjoy with your friends and family. In which, as in Bomba Drink, you will test your knowledge and quick thinking, but now the punishment is workout so prepare to burn calories while you have fun with your family or friends.



AHB Games is a videogame company from Coquimbo, focused in development of game apps for smartphones. It was founded by the brothers Carlos and Jorge Araya.

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